What is carpet area?

  1. Built up Area is the actual used area of an apartment, it comprises of carpet area plus the thickness of outer walls and the balcony.

What is stamp duty?

  1. Stamp duty refers to the tax paid to the government just like sales tax or income tax and should be paid on time and in full.

Is there a procedure to be completed or forms to be filled up on execution of the Sale Deed or Transfer Document?

    Yes. But the procedure and forms may vary from state to state depending on the location of the property. Every state in India has formulated its own set of forms under the registration rules. These forms are to be filled up and filed at the time of the registration of Sale Deed/Transfer Deed.

    Under the Income Tax Act and rules for a sale transaction, it is mandatory for the buyer and seller to provide their PAN card number and in the event of sale, either the seller and/or the buyer would need to fill up Form 60 of the Income Tax.

    If the buyer or the seller is a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) not assessed for t axes in India, the person would not need to file Form 60 of the Income Tax

When is the sale of a residential property formalized?

    The sale of a residential property is said to have been formalized if the seller has received the entire consideration amount, registration of the documents has been carried out and actual possession of the property has been granted to the buyer.

I am a property broker. How can help me?

    You can list the properties available for resale through an enquiry form, which is available on the homepage of our website. By registering with us as a broker, you would get associated with a multitude of buyers without paying any extra charges.

I want to sell my property. What are the documents a buyer would need from me?

    A buyer could ask you for the original Encumbrance Certificate

  1. Sale Deed,
  2. Title Deed,
  3. Relevant Tax Receipts, and
  4. Encumbrance Certificate.
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